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Albert C. Swall built and opened this two-story brick hotel at the southwest corner of Market Street and Spruce Street (now called Main Street) in 1914 after William Mayhue raised the rent on the general store Swall ran at Market and Railroad. Many of Newhall's merchants followed Swall's lead to Spruce Street, making it Newhall's new main street — including the operators of the businesses on the ground floor of Swall's new hotel (from left): the meat market/grocery store, hardware store and pharmacy. The building also houses the Newhall post office.


The "Drugs" sign that hangs out over the Market Street sidewalk (far right) is big enough to be seen by train passengers at the SPRR Newhall depot, a block behind the photographer.


In later decades, Ralph Williams bought the property and ran the pharmacy, complete with soda fountain. The upstairs became attorneys' offices (rented by Adrian Adams, Jim Lowder, Dan Hon). The bricks came tumbling down in the earthquake of Feb. 9, 1971; the building was rebuilt and refinished in stucco. As of 2013 the corner space is Work Boots.

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